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Regulations for educational events


I. General Information.

  1. The organizer of the training is the company “Polorto” Tomasz Stefańczyk based in Częstochowa,
    ul. The 18 Winners, hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”.
  2. The organizer is entered in the register of entities conducting professional improvement of doctors or dentists of the Regional Medical Chamber in Częstochowa.
  3. The thematic scope, dates and places (locations) of training are determined by the offer of training published by the Organizer, as a rule, for six-month periods.

II. Training takes the form of medical courses, intended for dentists. Training takes place in theoretical mode (lectures) – stationary or online and theoretical – practical mode (lectures and exercises, possibly demonstration procedures). The mode of training of individual trainings determines the training offer published by the Organizer for specified periods.

III. Conditions of Participation.

  1. Registration :
    a) a place for the course should be reserved by phone, e-mail or via the online registration form,
    b) eligibility for the course is determined by the order of applications and payments,
    c) confirmation of participation in the course is the payment for the course and the notice of participation sent from Polorto Tomasz Stefańczyk,
    d) payments for the course must be made to the following account: at BNP PARIBAS in Warsaw account number: 02 1600 1462 1845 0581 2000 0001 or individual Customer Account number in case of continuous business contacts with the Organizer, and for online courses using PayPal or credit card or bank transfer,
    e) the price of the course, unless the offer provides otherwise, does not include: travel, accommodation, meal costs of the participant, etc. ,
    f) payments must be made within the deadlines specified in the course offer, for payments made after the deadline (or during the training) we reserve the right to add 20% of the fee to the basic price of the course,
    g) in case of cancellation of the course 14 – 8 days before its date, the Organizer reserves the right to deduct handling costs in the amount of 50% of the price, and up to 7 days before the date – 100% of the price of the course,
    h) the absence of the registered participant shall not release him or her from paying the full amount of the course fee.
    For online courses paid for via PayPal or credit card, the organizer will not issue refunds once the training has started.

IV. Rights and obligations of participants and trainers.

1. The subject of the course determines the offer presented by the Organizer. The final scope of the presented material belongs to the lecturer.
2. The trainees shall have the right to receive a transmission according to the best knowledge of the trainer. In addition to the scope of the material chosen by the lecturer, they have the right to ask questions related to the training in which they participate.
3. The lecturers are obliged to convey the subject of the course to its participants in a reliable manner, in accordance with the best of their knowledge.

V. Verification of training results is carried out in the form of an anonymous survey among training participants. It includes, among others, questions about the quality of knowledge transfer, the assessment of the lecturer, the subject of the training, the information they have obtained.
In the case of online courses, participants will be sent a survey, with a request to fill in, with the above-mentioned questions, as this is made possible by the application used by Polorto.

In the case of practical training, the learning outcomes shall be verified on an ongoing basis by the instructors who assess the performance of the exercises by the trainees.

VI. Confirmation of completion of the training is a certificate containing: the name and surname of the training participant, the subject of the training, the name of the instructor, the number of hours of training and the corresponding number of educational points and the date and place of issue of the certificate.
For online courses, ‘Certificates of Completion’ will be given to participants who have not left the training before 75% of the training time. The administrator (Host) of the training has insight into the information that participants leave (log out) during the training.

VII. Fees for training are determined by the offer published by the Organizer.

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