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Plan and manufacture implant templates
and surgical masks

Surgical templates for dental implants - excellent support of the clinician's work by a technician or assistant.

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Scope of work to be done

Download DDS-Pro software
Prepare a case (DICOM + superimposition stl or DDP-Ortho model)
Work out with your doctor the required scope of the treatment project.
Design implant templates
Print templates on a 3D printer


  • DDS-Pro: Free one month license for beginners (2 free conversions).
  • Full license:  
    168 EUR life-time fee, lifetime updates included. 
  • Airways license for volumetric air ways analysis:  
    111 EUR yearly fee. 
  • Conversions*: from €15.12 to €22.4 depending on the quantities purchased. 

* Conversion – converts design into a printable file.
Fee after case design – no initial costs.
The conversion price may be lower depending on the quantity you purchase.

Note: DDP-Ortho diagnostic orthodontic models can be used for work, which opens up interdisciplinary cooperation between practitioners and technicians. 

Protocol workflow - what you need from a clinician

Equipment and material

  • Computer with DDS-Pro software. 
  • 3D printer for models – only when you print yourself. 
  • Optional materials for the procedure. 

You can outsource selected activities: 

Case preparation and design of templates, printing templates, abutments delivery, implants. 


Profitability when performing the entire production by yourself: 


  • DDS-Pro license from 15.12 to 22.4 EUR, 
  • 3D printing – pending on the printer and the number of templates, 
  • optional cost of materials for treatments. 

Scope of technical offer:

  • comprehensive technical support, 
  • case study (CBCT + stl or DDP-Ortho), 
  • on-line design of the procedure with a clinician, 
  • printing templates, 
  • optional delivery of materials (sleeves). 

Suggested price of the service: 100 EUR 

We provide: 

  • Free DDS-Pro software (Viewer license) for your customers. 
  • Full technical support. 

To start producing templates, you can count on: 

Free training, DDS-Pro software support 

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