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Aligner Chewies

Why are Reliabites® Aligner Chewies necessary?
When placing aligners on the teeth, especially when the aligner is new, there are usually some gaps.
These undesirable gaps can cause the teeth to not move correctly, and can be solved by Reliabites® Aligner Chewies.

Many times, simply biting on the Reliabites® in the different areas ofthe aligner will close the gaps.

If for any reason, the gap doesn’t close directly, simply by chewing on the Reliabites® for 10 minutes, while wearing the aligner, will solve the problem.

Reliabites® Rolls

Reliabites® “Y”

When placing an aligner normally, Reliabites® have TWO points of contact to provide for a more balanced and convenient aligner placement.

For a precise placement of the aligner, Reliabites® can be used in the:

1. The Anterior Incisor Bite Slot area,
2. The Canine Bite Triangular Hole area,
3. The Molar Bite Lump area.

Also for use without aligners:
For those professionals that advise Masseter Muscle Exercise to prevent any possible face deformation due to Orthodontic treatment.
In these cases, it is recommended the patients bite on the Reliabites® “Y” slingshots or catapults, 10-15 mins each day.

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