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RELIAWAX® - Wax-Like Protection in a Syringe

RELIAWAX® is a reliable and revolutionary wax-like protection in a syringe that provides enduring comfort for your patients. The standard orthodontic patient wax may last a couple of hours or at most a couple of days, but RELIAWAX® is different! Apply RELIAWAX® in- office, light cure, and it will stay in place for 6-8 weeks.

  • Soft Tissue Protect
  • Light-Cure Product
  • Outperforms traditional patient wax and silicone
  • Withstands routine brushing and eating
  • Crystal clear and durable
  • Soft and comfortable to the touch
  • Fluoresces under black light / ultra-violet light
  • Contains one 1.5g syringe with 10 tips (RWX RELIAWAX®)
  • Easy to remove

RELIAWAX® offers us the perfect solution to give patients greater comfort and reduce emegency / extra appointments.
RELIAWAX® achieves this by offering a semi-permanent product, which is placed on the problematic areas and light-cured, leaving a soft and comfortable cushion between the
brackets, buccal tubes, TADs, archwires.

Lesions caused by brackets.

Lesions caused by heads of TADs.

Lesions caused by the ends of archwires.

RELIAWAX® fluoresces under an UV / Blacklight such as Ultra Violet Mini Light (item no. UVML).

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