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Produce or utilize digital diagnostic models

DDP-Ortho models for technicians


Digital Technical Studio

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How to get started - simple steps

Download DTS

Download DTS Digital Technical Studio consisting of several independent modules 

Use DME and DMB modules

You can use independent DTS’s modules DME and DMB to build a digital diagnostic model. Ready for CAD/CAM. 

Digital diagnostic model

Model analysis, cephalo, set-up, notes, photos, measurements; Digital case documentation. 

Payment & licensing

*Conversion – converts the project into a printable file.
Fee after the order – no initial costs.
The conversion price may be lower depending on the quantity you purchase.

Note: In the case of scans (stl files) from a table scanner in the laboratory, it is enough to work / license on DME. 

Profitability: The market price/sale price of the finished model is aprox 33 EUR 


Table scanner – only when working with impressions or plaster models. 

Digital diagnostic models

A system of virtual diagnostic models for dentists. Models contain information about the patient. There are three types of models available pending on your needs. 

The DDP-Ortho model enables full, fast diagnostics and recording of other important patient data in one file and place – inside the model file. The DDP-Ortho model contains anatomical data/details, which enables the automation of many procedures; among others model analyses available immediately after loading the model into the DDP-Ortho software, work ordering automation, e.g. aligners.


Basic model: contains model analyses, cephalo, notes, photos, measurements and provides complete digital documentation of the case. 


SemiPro model: all functions from the Basic version are available, plus a virtual set-up. 


Pro model: all functions from the SemiPro version are available and additional real tooth root shapes taken from the DICOM file (tomography) are mapped. 

The free DDP-Ortho application is available to use the models. The free DDP-Ortho application is compatible with the DDS-Pro software for surgeons and implantologists and the Ortonet practice management system (including HER documentation). 

The most important objectives of using DDP-Ortho models: 

  • diagnostic and creating diagnostic digital documentation of the patient, including in accordance with legal requirements, 
  • planning and visualization of treatment objectives (including 3D set-up – orthodontics), 
  • designing the position of orthodontic brackets, 
  • preparation of an aligner treatment plan, 
  • Biomechanic 3D planner,  
  • planning surgical or implant treatment. 

The source of data for the production of models are intraoral scans or impressions / models provided for scanning in the technical laboratory. 

DDP-Ortho models can be prepared as part of an order in the laboratory or directly by a doctor or technician using DTS software. 

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