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Light-curing adhesives


The consistency and viscosity of the glue that prevents the material from escaping from under the bracket.

Competitive price compared to other similar adhesives!


It allows the bracket to be placed on the tooth without the „slipping” effect during the bonding procedure.

High bond strength.

Available in 4g syringes (GTP) or capsules (GTT – 10 tips x 0.4g).

The glue syringe is enough to glue approx. 250 brackets, and the glue tip is enough for approx. 28-30 brackets.

Light Bond®

Fluoride-releasing, light-curing orthodontic glue


Light Bond paste is a highly filled material that gives maximum bonding strength in all situations when bonding all types of appliances.

  • Protects enamel – Completely polymerizes when exposed to visible light for 10 seconds. As a result, the etched tooth surface is sealed with a clear, protective bonding agent.
  • The form of a sticky, smooth, viscous paste – Prevents the phenomenon of „floating” of brackets. Pastes available: Medium and Thin.
  • Complete polymerization of the paste under the bases of all types of brackets – The active arch can be introduced immediately after the material has properly hardened.
  • No need for refrigerated storage.

Set contents:

20g of glue in the form of paste (syringe (LBEP) or syringe tip (LBET))
2 packages of 3 cm³ of sealing resin
23g of etching agent
Disposable brushes, spatulas and mixing pad.

Articles to be purchased individually:

5g of paste in a syringe (LBPP)
5g of paste in pre-filled syringe tips (LBPT)
3 cm³ of sealant (LBS3)
3 cm³ filled sealant (LBFS)

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