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Produce orthodontic aligners

A-Ligner "In House" - for every aligner producer.

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How to get started - simple steps

Download DTS

Download DTS Digital Technical Studio software consisting of several independent modules. 

Use DME and DMB modules

Use  DTS DME and DMB to  build a digital model. 

Use AP module (Aligner Planner)

Using the AP module,  create a sequence of aligners. 


  • Free one month license for beginners (includes 2 free conversions)
  • Paid licenses for modules: 
  • Conversions*: DME 15 EUR per case (unlimited number of aligners for the case). 

*Conversion – converts the project into a printable file.
Fee after case design – no initial costs. 
The conversion price may be lower depending on the quantity you purchase. 

Note: For scans (stl files) from a table scanner in the laboratory, it is enough to work / license on DME. 

Protocol workflow - what you need from a clinician

Equipment and material

  • Table scanner – only for impression work or plaster models. 
  • 3D printer for models’ series – only when you print yourself. 
  • Thermoforming machine – only when you press yourself. 

You can outsource selected activities: 

Preparation of models, design of aligners, printing of models, thermoforming of aligners at individually determined prices at the lab partner, „Retainer for Life” – physical print of occlusion after treatment. 

Contact: ortolab.com.pl 


Profitability when performing the entire production yourself: 


  • case license 23 EUR (no aligners limitation) 
  • thermoformable plates

Examples of market options/prices of aligner packages for dental malocclusions: 

  • light EUR 480 price – with 14 aligners 
  • average EUR 800 price – with 28 aligners 
  • heavy EUR 1245 price – with 36 aligners 

We provide: 

  • Free software for your customers 
  • Full technical support 
  • Solution for the treatment of all degree dental malocclusions and difficulty 
  • A-ligner treatment plan clinical documentation 

What you get from us to start A-Ligner productions 

Free training, technical support in DDP-Ortho/DTS software 

DTS Digital Technical Studio

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