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Passive SL

Clinically proven in many practices

Get surprised with the price!

Fast tooth movement with low friction

Passive SL
  • Made of high-quality 17-4 steel
  • Produced with advanced MIM technology
  • Additional slots (horizontal and vertical for „drop in hooks”)
  • Small bracket with low profile
  • Laser welded base for greater adhesive strength of the bracket
  • Laser marking for easy identification
  • Aesthetic design with a smooth finish
  • Bases adapted to the shape of the tooth
  • Integrated tooth hook (3,4,5)
  • Available in various prescriptions (Roth, MBT, Damon, others)*
  • Easy closing mechanism (using your finger)
  • Opening the lock always in the direction of occlusion by turning the tool 90°
  • Supplied with a bracket opening tool (Free)
  • Packaged in a way convenient for the doctor – sets for the patient

Passive SL brackets prescriptions available

*MBT is a registered trademark of 3M, Roth is a registered trademark of Roth Licensing, LLC, Damon is a trademark of Ormco.

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