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Treat with fixed appliance

A set of products for full orthodontic treatment
All products for the treatment of 1 case and digital documentation - only 819 PLN (approx. 183 EUR)

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Set includes:


  • DDPOrtho Semipro model from impression/plaster model/STL. 

DDPOrtho models contain anatomical information of the patient, which facilitates and automates the doctor’s work (diagnosis, treatment plan, treatment supervision, HER). 

  • Classic four wings metal brackets 20 pcs. 

Hooks for 3,4,5, standard bracket size. 

  • Tubes 8 pcs. 

Each tube with a description – Palmer base net scribes. 

  • Arches (5U, 5L) 10 pcs (as requested for treatment). 

Arches of any shape, material and crosssection according to the choice of the doctor for treatment (any sequences). 

  • Transfer „JIGsor „Us„x 2 (for upper and lower jaw). 

Possibility of breaking into sections and bonding by segments according to preferences, total control of the bracket position. 

  • Elastic ligatures. 

Full color elastics palette for the entire treatment. 

*Price may change. 

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