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POLORTO – „Technologies for Practitioners” Course in your own office (In-Office)

POLORTO offers its customers interactive, individual training. They differ from those offered through the catalog with typical „Courses” by adapting the offer to a small group of doctors with a similar profile and level of interest. They are „tailored” to the requirements of the group for which we are preparing such meetings.

Presenter: POLORTO Customer Advisor



The registration form is at the bottom of this page

Deadline: The deadline is determined individually

Location: Doctor’s practice in Poland or Online meeting

Price: Free


Description of the training

The topics include the following blocks:

Materials and their performance parameters, including scope of use

  • Types and selection of archwires and their sequences in treatment, arch shapes, arch stiffness, scope of work, stiffness tables, bends.
  • NiTi archwires, hysteresis curves, superelasticity, shape memory, properties of 3-force archwires, specific and less known archwires, their use in practice.
  • Beta Titanium, properties and applications.
  • Straight wire and its features.
  • SL systems, passive and active, application and work possibilities (on the example of Passive SL, SL Interactive R).
  • General information about digital orthodontics.
  • Adhesives, elastics, tools; selection, features, care.
  • Removable appliances, trainers, thermoformable works.
  • Rules for removing selected fixed appliances.
  • The issue of the quality of laboratory work.
  • Cooperation between doctor and laboratory (impressions, communication, standardization, individualization, quality control).
  • Presentation of selected laboratory work (aligners as a system of appliances, their advantages and disadvantages, Herbst appliances, retainers, bi-helixes…).

Work organization, economics, marketing to the patient

  • Price calculation for the patient (on the example of SL Interactive R, Passive SL, Stright Wire standard brackets), treatment duration, chair time and treatment costs.
  • Electronic data management (patient data, chair management, cephalometry, model analysis), documentation collection and management.
  • Modern communication materials.

Using the possibilities of digital technologies

  • DDP-ORTHO digital diagnostic models and their application, compatibility with doctor’s work processes.
  • IPA – Individually designed appliances. Indirect bonding method.
  • A-ligner – automatic set-up – possibility of outsourcing production to a laboratory or In-house production.
  • Communication with patients and the use of modern solutions such as:
    – helo – Treatment monitoring and practice search engine,
    – the ability to link updated content for patients on your practice’s website.
  • Communication with the supplier:
    – easy webinar assistance and training via the website,
    – advantageous ordering of products online,
    – ordering a salesperson’s visit at a time convenient for the doctor so that he does not disturb his work,
    – participation in receiving the most up-to-date data regarding products and promotions.

Such meetings are organized to last 4 – 4.5 hours.

The topics of the meeting are, of course, proposed by doctors – group leaders, regarding what is most interesting to them, where the greatest challenge or need of the group is. For our part, we analyze the need in terms of its best fit and the proper chronology of the selected topics.

Interested doctors of the above-mentioned practical training in the office, please contact the POLORTO Customer Service Office
to arrange the topics and convenient dates:
tel. +48 34 366 51 11
e-mail: bok@polorto.com.pl

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