Intraoral scanner

Intraoral Scanner PANDA - New Generation

A good scanner is just introduction to digital dentistry.
We know it.

The smallest video-type 3D intraoral scanner in the world, which is 50% faster and 30% more accurate!

Enjoy a seamless scanning experience comprising high quality, speed, and accuracy.
Ideal for capturing sharp digital impressions of the patients’ teeth and gums.

Structured light technology representative products: MyScan Carestream CS3600, PANDA, Sirona Omnicam, Planmeca.

Use the highly effective scanning solution, and get your returns on investment in no time.
The intraoral scanner allows easy integration with your dental clinic’s workflow and facilitates better collaboration with labs and other partners.



Uncompromising quality! One such!


Professional Software* worth 1.500 EUR FOR FREE

5% annual discount for all ORTOLAB digital orders

  • We are changing the standard - we set a new level of prices with the widest range of software with no additional or hidden fees and hidden obligations
  • Scanning with high efficiency and speed, we always do the setting up of the scanner in your clinic so it’s ready to use
  • Compact shape (smallest tip available), low weight, sterilization of tips
  • Vivid or monochrome scanning color, photos in color possible
  • Access to work performed by local technicians, "in house" options in the software, open system, possibility of easy cooperation with laboratories, for implementing to work procedures digital clinical assistants, 3D printing houses
  • Free file transfer for doctors and laboratories immediately after scanning (ready to work with any scanner, no license costs!)
  • Access to a wide range of compatible digital applications for dentistry (implantologists, orthodontists, surgeons and technicians or digital assistants)

* Professional Software - included with each scanner


Implantology and surgery  CE 0197

Templates for implants, surgical masks, Airways ...



Orthodontics   CE 0197

A-ligners, Fixed appliances, Smile Design, Monitoring, hybrid treatments ...



DTS Orthodontic Laboratory Practice Management

For technicians or digital assistants, Models, Aligners, Guides ...



Practice management
Compliant with guidelines,
Health Electronic Records (HER ready).

One year license free
For 3 workstations and 500 SMS


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Digital dentistry is easy with us.

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