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Who are we?

We are a Polish brand operating within dental industry since 1993.
-ligner and  (Individually Projected Appliances) have been developed based on the work on 3D technologies which we have been conducting since 1999.
Ever since, we have developed and delivered many solutions (including within the field of CT) for professionals such as:

Our software and technological solutions supporting diagnostics and treatment planning require high engineering qualifications and knowledge on medical topics, which we posses.

The advanced 3D technologies have been used in our solutions for years. They include:

Our solutions in orthodontics – -ligner and (intended for precise designing and bonding braces) enable each dental clinician to design the patient’s occlusion by himself and (what is most important) to make -lligner according to “In-House” procedure (locally, in own laboratory). -ligner and  are based on 3D and CAD/CAM technologies.

We are probably the first company in the world which does not recommend to have aligners made in the central plant by unknown specialist.
We enable the physician, to whom the patient trusts, to carry out the whole procedure of planning and treatment in a manner perfectly adjusted to the patient.
It is important to remember that each treatment is unique and individual.
Starting today, it can be carried out acc. to “In-House” procedure.

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