SWIP (Straight Wire in my Practice) – Introductory Course in Orthodontics. Part 3

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The new dates of the course will be announced soon

  • Lecturer

    dr Nico van der Werff i dr Jan Cleyndert (CV)

  • Date
    The date of the course will be announced soon
  • Location:
    Czestochowa, Poland, POLORTO
  • Price

    875 EUR


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  • Level
  • The course price includes: lunch and coffee breaks arranged in the course location.
    Bank account:
    IBAN : PL 72 1600 1462 1845 0581 2000 0002

For the course participnts should bring a laptop with a free of charge Ortho-DDP software, which can be downloaded at


DAY 1:


Class II Epidemiology,  Growth  and modifying Growth

-Epigenetic regulation of growth
-Influencing growth direction
-Twin Block : history, development, construction , handling
-Fränkel FR II, Headgear, Bite Right.
-Twin Force
-Carrière Distaliser ( Motion II )

DAY 2:

Mechanics of Class II

– Treatment of Class II cases with the Straight Wire System explained
– Use of intaoral elastics
– Detorquing Arch explained
– Forces in Class II mechanics explained
– Upper Archwire with “sweep”


Development and treatment of Class II div 1 and div 2

– How arch and dentition development lead to Class II/1 and Class II/2 malocclusions
– Differences in treatment of Class II/2  and Class II/1 are being explained
– Presentation of treated cases with Class II/2


Utility Arches

– Different functions and construction i.e. bending of utility arches is explained
– Bending exercise of intruding Utility Arch
– Piggy-Bag Technique


Intraoral Photography

– Modern cameras and how they work
– Understanding the importance of depth of field, and how to influence it
– How to use macro-objectives and ring-flash
– Composing the right shot for intraoral Photography
– Mirrors, retractors and contraster explained


Support of treatment planning of their patients by the course-participants

– Participants can present their treatment planning to the group through a PowerPoint presentation, and this planning is discussed with the presenters.