SWIP (Straight Wire in my Practice) – Introductory Course in Orthodontics. Part 2

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  • Lecturer

    dr Nico van der Werff i dr Jan Cleyndert (CV)

  • Date:
    17 Jan , 2020 - 18 Jan , 2020
    10.00 – 18.00; 9.00 – 17.00 (second day of the course)
  • Location:
    Czestochowa, Poland, POLORTO
  • Price

    719 EUR with early payment till 28.11.2019
    875 EUR – regular price, payment till 10.12.2019


  • Language
  • Level
  • The course price includes: lunch and coffee breaks arranged in the course location.
    Bank account:
    IBAN : PL 72 1600 1462 1845 0581 2000 0002


For the course participnts should bring a laptop with a free of charge Ortho-DDP software, which can be downloaded at

DAY 1:

Straight Wire System according to MBT (Bennet, McLaughlin and Trevisi):

History of the bracket-system, teaching principles of Straight Wire System using the 022 Maestro Brackets, lacebacks, tiebacks, archwire-sequences ,working with posted-archwire, bracket-placement, finishing, retention.

Participants will bond upper and lower dentition with Maestro-brackets, using cast models.


DAY 2:

Selfligating System with the Carrière SLX Bracket:

Principles of active/passive selfligating, handling, archwire-sequences.


Removable Appliances:

Williamsons´s Ramp brachy or dolicho, Pendulum according to Hilgers, Morales Appliance, Nance Button, Wrap-arounds, Automatic-Hawley, Schwartz´s Plate etc.


Standard Treatment Protocols for Class I:

  • Expansion of the upper arch with Hyrax or Transforce
  • Expansion of the lower arch using Transforce
  • Derotation and buccal root-torque of 16 and 26 after Expansion, using rotators/expanders
  • Straight Wire Protocol
  • Extraction-series 4´s, 5´s or 6´s , theory and indication
  • Finishing and retention