SWIP (Straight Wire in my Practice) – Introductory Course in Orthodontics. Part 1

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  • Lecturer

    dr Nico van der Werff i dr Jan Cleyndert (CV)

  • Date:
    15 Nov , 2019 - 16 Nov , 2019
    10.00 – 18.00; 9.00 – 17.00 (second day of the course)
  • Location:
    Czestochowa, Poland, ARCHE Hotel
  • Price

    728 EUR with payment till 20.08.2019

    Regular price 875 EUR – payment till 20.09.2019

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  • The course price includes: lunch and coffee breaks arranged in the course location.
    Bank account:
    IBAN : PL 72 1600 1462 1845 0581 2000 0002


For the course participnts should bring a laptop with a free of charge Ortho-DDP software, which can be downloaded at

DAY 1:

Cephalometrics according to McNamara:


Cephalometric Landmarks:
Porion, Orbitale, Nasion, Anterior Nasal Spine, Posterior Nasal Spine, A, B, Pogonion, Menthon,Gnathion, Gonion, Condylion, PTM, Articulare, Basion.


Cephalometric Lines:
Frankforter Horizontal, N-Perpendicular („McNamara“), Rickett´s Facial Axis, Maxillary Plane, Mandibular Plane, A-Pogonion, Occlusal Plane, Nasion-Basion.


Cephalometric Values:
N perp.A = McNamara, Mx, Md, Lower Face Height, Ricketts´sFacial Angle , FH to MP, MM, Lower Incisor to Condylion, Witt´s Analysis, Pogonion to N. perp.B, Porion to PTM, Upper Incisor to N. perp/A., Lower Incisor to A-Pogonion, Esthetic Lines.


Cephalometric Diagnosis divided into skeletal Class I, II and III, open, mesio, closed, brachiocephal, dolichocephal.


Teaching of Cervical Vertebrae Maturation– Method (CVM) according to Baccetti/McNamara, analysing growth of the mandible by diagnosing the shape of tthe vertebrae C2, C3 and C4.


Exercises in Cephalometrics and diagnosis, ongoing repeatment of exercises during the remaining course-days


DAY 2:

Orthopaedic Maxillary Expansion according to McNamara:
Diagnosing transversal Dimension using Transpalatal Width (TPW), Indications Rapid Palatal Expansion, Theory and practical Handling of the bonded Expander, Bonded Expander Hyraxtype, modified Haas – or Haas-type, reverse pads or biopads, auxillary tubes and hooks.


Theory, Indication, Contraindication and Protocols
Protocol after RPE for derotation and buccal root-torque of 16 and 26 using Rotators/Expanders.


Expansion of the mandibular arch using the Transforce according to Clark:
Theory and diagnosis of mandibular compensation to a narrow upper arch; indication, theory and practical handling of the Transversal Arch Developer (Transforce) and Sagittal Arch Developer.


Presentation of treated cases with the upper and lower expansion technique.