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  • Lecturer

    Dr. William J.Clark (CV)

  • Date:
    16 Oct , 2020
  • Location:
    Warsaw, Hotel Polonia Palace
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    307 EUR

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  • The course price includes: lunch and coffee breaks arranged in the course location.
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    IBAN : PL 72 1600 1462 1845 0581 2000 0002

Course description

Dr Clark presents a comprehensive approach to orthodontic treatment for correction of all classes of malocclusion using well proven and innovative appliances to show advances in Fixed and Functional Appliance Therapy.

Dr Clark teaches a modern approach outlining advances in appliance design to improve the efficiency of fixed appliances. TransForce Orthodontics reduces chair time in treating patients to high standards with comfortable lingual appliances. Selecting the correct bracket system is an important decision for improved efficiency and to achieve a consistently high standard of result.



TransForce Orthodontics for arch development achieves amazing changes in arch form using ‘patient friendly’ invisible appliances.

TransForce appliances are pre-activated by enclosed nitanium springs to apply gentle forces from the lingual aspect. Lingual arch development has wide applications in treatment of all classes of malocclusion from interceptive treatment in early mixed dentition through adolescenc, with excellent potential to extend the use of discrete lingual appliances in adult ttherapy. This is an excellent pre-aligner technique to resolve crowding in all classes of malocclusion and extend the range of invisible Orthodontics with professional control.

TransForce appliances are readily integrated with conventional fixed appliances and are ideal for adult treatment. The time required in full bonded appliances is typically reduced by 50%, with a corresponding saving in chair-time.

TransForce Orthodontics

Pre-activated Invisible appliances represent a revolution in interceptive treatment.

TransForce Transverse Expander

  • Palatal Expansion: This unique technique produces results to rival Rapid Palatal Expanders by applying light physiological forces with pre-activated enclosed nickel titanium springs.
  • Treatment of Anterior Crowding The expansion unit is lingual to the incisors an is unrivalled for correction of anterior crowding. The appliance does not cover the palate and allows the tongue to adapt into the palate during treatment.
  • Lower Arch Expander: An efficient pre-activated mechanism for expansion of the lower arch in mixed or permanent dentition.

TransForce Sagittal Expander

The most effective appliance on the market for correction of dental asymmetry in both dental arches

  • Resolves buccal segment crowding: It equalizes the space in the buccal segments for eruption of the permanent teeth
  • Interceptive treatment: TransForce appliances are effective in all classes of malocclusion from mixed dentition to adult therapy.
  • Class III malocclusion: Sagittal development to advance upper incisors to correct lingual occlusion from mixed to permanent dention.
  • Class II Division 2: Ideal for correction by advancing retroclined incisors
  • Class I Bimaxillary Retrusion: A similar approach to align upper and lower incisors

TransForce Orthodontics – An excellent pre-aligner technique.

TransForce Appliances act without friction and are more efficient than other invisible appliances in resolving crowding and correcting alignment and arch form prior to finishing with conventional fixed appliances or invisible/aligner appliances in half the time

A “patient friendly” technique with comfortable invisible appliances.

Twin Block Update

There have been many refinements in Twin Block therapy since they were first developed in 1977. Twin Blocks consistently correct severe malocclusion with dramatic improvements in facial appearance.

Typically an update on new developments in Twin Blocks will be included in the course. The new design of preformed Clark Twin Blocks is an essential topic for all Dr Clark’s courses.

Invisible Clark Twin Blocks

This is an exciting new development using preformed occlusal blocks and preformed lingual wires. Clark Twin Block Kits simplify the construction of Fixed & Removable Twin Blocks.

  • Fixed or Removable Twin Blocks
  • Preformed Occlusal Blocks – One size fits all models
  • Preformed Palatal and Lingual Wires. – Adapt to fit all models
  • Indirect Technique – significant saving in laboratory time for construction of Invisible Twin Blocks
  • Integrates with fixed appliances for Fixed/Functional Therapy

This course is of interest to Orthodontists, Dentists and Orthodontic laboratories